Monday, 29 December 2014

Marijuana: How It Is Beneficial?

Using the benefits of marijuana instead of its ill-defects

Everything on this planet has a flip side attached to it, same is the case with marijuana plants too. It is the marijuana seeds that are either used as a medicinal purpose or for recreational purpose. Marijuana or Cannabis, both mean the same thing. The plant was first discovered by the Chinese and mostly Cannabis was used as an appetizer in ancient China. The traces of the plant was not only limited to China, but it was also found in many parts of South-East Asia. Among them was India, it was here that people used the seeds of the plant for recreational purpose. The seeds were primarily used for spirituality and meditation purpose. The cannabis plant is one of those plants that apart from being a medicine, it is also used in making papers, oils etc.

Ministry of cannabis

There are mostly three types of cannabis plants from where cannabis seeds can be extracted such as Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis, the three of them vary in their sizes and also have different by-products. Apart from having a psychoactive effect, the plant is also used as a muscle relaxer. It is a good substitute for people who drink alcohol, but the amount of cannabis should be used in less amounts. Alcohol though, helps is relaxing you, but it also brings damaging effect on your body, whereas cannabis is absolutely harmless. But overdose of the plant can result into short term memory loss and in some cases it can also paralyze the body partially. 

Understanding how cannabis soothes our mind

Cannabis Seeds
Cannabis that is available in the market is just the purified form of the weed seeds that mostly drug addicts use. And both of them have the same procedure to relax your mind. The seeds need to be converted into vapour through a vapouring machine or can be done manually by heating it and storing the smoke in a poly bag. It is this vapour that is inhaled directly, these vapours reach the lungs and then it is spread in the body through the blood. As the blood keeps circulating in different parts of the body, the moment it reaches the mind, it starts showing its true colour. It is the frontal lobes of the brain that gets affected by these drugs. And after this the person starts feeling pretty relaxed and heart beat starts rising, overall it creates a very wonderful state of mind for some time.

Amongst the various by-products of the cannabis plants, one is the hemp seeds. The oil that is extracted from these seeds can be used in cooking. The oil contains huge amount of protein and very less amount of fat, it also reduces our large fat consumption.